Student Spotlight

Anessa Ray

Creative Arts Corner Student – Northview Heights

Congratulations to Northview Heights and Bedford Dwellings BJWL students who attend the Creative Arts Corner after school program. Their video entitled ‘Black History Month Trivia Show 2018’ has been selected as a Runner-Up Finalist in the CLP Labsy Awards. The CLP Labsy Awards is an award ceremony held every year by the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Allegheny County teens in grades 6-12 are invited to enter original creations, inventions, and works of art in the annual teen media contest.

Aneesa was heavily involved in the drafting of the trivia questions, as well as acting as on-camera host for many of the trivia questions and assisting with the editing process. Aneesa and the CAC staff attended the award ceremony event to receive the award. Aneesa is currently working on other personal projects at the Creative Arts Corner; she recently created an Introductory Splash Video for her YouTube Channel. Anessa Ray has been a student at the Creative Arts Corner since 2014.

Black History Month Trivia Show 2018