HCV Waiting List

Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) Waiting List — Closed

HACP accepted nearly 10,000 pre-applications between December 10 and December 23, 2018. The list is now closed. 

HACP has accepted all pre-applications that were successfully submitted and received a confirmation number during the Dec. 10 – 23, 2018, application period. Placement on the waiting list has been determined by a random lottery system.

To check your waiting list status, call: 412-520-3848 or, go to the HACP Applicant Portal.

First time users will need to create an account. Once your account is active, you will be able to see waiting list status only and make changes to addresses and phone numbers. You will not be able to add additional members to LIPH/Section 8 application or make changes to your LIPH Site Selections or update LIPH/Section 8 income on this site.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions, please contact us at 412-456-5030 or email the HACP staff.

General Information

When will the waiting list be open again?

HACP does not know when it will reopen the waiting list after the waiting list closes on December 23, 2018. When we do reopen the waiting list again, we will post the information on our website and publicly through the newspaper.

Where can I apply?

Applicants can submit their application through the HACP website using any computer, laptop, or smartphone with internet access.

Is it okay to have someone apply for you if you need help using the computer?

If you do not have internet access and/or a computer, internet access and/or a computer are available at your local Community Center or any Public Library. In addition, HACP will have limited internet and computer access at the following locations:

HACP Occupancy Office, 100 Ross St., 4 Floor, 15219 (Monday thru Friday 9 AM - 4 PM except Friday, December 21, 2018 when our offices are closed).

Bedford Hope Center, 2305 Bedford Avenue, 15219 (Monday thru Friday 8 AM - 12 PM and 2-4 PM except Friday, December 21, 2018 when our offices are closed).

Development and Opportunities Center, 1205 Liverpool Street, 15233 (Monday thru Friday 11 AM - 4 PM except Friday, December 21, 2018 when our offices are closed).

Can I submit more than one application?

You can only submit ONE application for the Housing Choice Voucher program. Applicants who submit more than one application could result in having ALL applications removed from the waiting list.

What if I did not submit an application?

You will have to wait until the HCV waiting list is accepting applications again. We cannot accept applications once the waiting list is closed.

How to Apply

What if I owe money or have a criminal background?

Anyone can apply for the waiting list. If you are denied for any reason after your full application is processed you will have 15 days after your denial letter is mailed to request an informal hearing (grievance).

Why only accept applications online?

The online process allows each applicant to apply at a time and place convenient for you regardless of your work or personal schedule. It also eliminates the need for standing in line and makes the chance of getting selected fair for all applicants.

What if I'm disabled and don’t have internet access, a computer, or smartphone and can't find help?

Applicants may request information about getting help with the application by calling our office at 412-456-5030.


Does getting on the waiting list mean I am guaranteed a voucher?

An application only puts you in a pool of applicants. All applicants will be put in order on the waiting list via random selection lottery and HACP local preference. Applicants will then be invited to attend a processing session, after which HACP will determine if you are eligible to receive a voucher.

Please note: Because HACP will be placing all successfully submitted applications on the waiting list, depending on the number of applications submitted, a significant amount of time may pass before an applicant is contacted by HACP (2 or more years).

How can I check if I am on the waiting list?

All applicants placed on the waiting list may check their status by going to the HACP Applicant Portal after January 23, 2019 and check to see if you have a current status or you can call our automated system at 412-520-3848.

Only applicants with a current application and status will be able to check to see what number they are on the list.

How long before I get a voucher?

Because HACP will be accepting all successfully submitted applications, HACP is unable to accurately forecast when an applicant will receive a voucher. However, you may always check your applicant status by going to the HACP Applicant Portal after January 23, 2019, or by calling our automated system at 412-520-3848 to check to see if you have a current status.

Only applicants with a current application and status will be able to check to see what number they are on the list.
Please note: HACP will no longer check your applicant status over the phone - you will be required to check your status online or via our automated phone system 412-520-3848.

Do I have to live in the city to apply?

You do not have to live in the City to apply. You may be required to live in the City of Pittsburgh for at least one year if and when you do receive a voucher and are admitted into the program.

Can I apply by myself if I am a single individual?

You can apply if you are a single individual unless you are a full-time student with no dependents and are claimed as a dependent on another person’s income taxes.