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The Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh

TEL: 412-456-5000

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

One Stop Shop
Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Important Phone Numbers

To report criminal activity call the Anonymous Tip Line:
Call 412-471-2275 or fill out and return a Silent Complaint Form

To report maintenance needs, call 412-456-5226

To pay your rent by phone, call 877-940-0105

If you are an applicant or resident and have a qualified disability, please contact the Disability Compliance Office:
Call 412-456-5282

To report information about Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) apartments, call the Housing Choice Voucher Program Hotline:
Call 412-456-5111

For police matters, medical, or other emergencies,

If you are having technical issues with the website, please contact Landlord Tech Support.

HACP Departments

Community Affairs

412 Boulevard of the Allies, 7th Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

The Community Affairs Department serves as HACP's information liaison between the media, public, residents and HACP staff. The department strives to highlight the many positive aspects of public housing while challenging the myths and misconceptions with which it is often associated. The Community Affairs Department is also responsible for coordinating special programs and projects, such as the highly acclaimed Clean Slate Program, the Creative Arts Corner and the Clean Slate E3 Scholarship Program.

Development and Modernization

412 Boulevard of the Allies, 6th Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

The Development and Modernization Department is responsible for developing plans, identifying resources and implementing capital improvements, as well as managing public and/or private partnership opportunities to ensure the value, effective use and proper management of our real estate assets. This department manages major rehabilitation of infrastructures and facilities, demolition and site development, as well as non-routine repairs and upgrades of HACP buildings and property.


412 Boulevard of the Allies, 7th Floor Pittsburgh, PA 15219

The Finance Department oversees the Authority's budget. Throughout the year, the department reviews, evaluates, and analyzes the activities of the agency to ensure that expenditures adhere to budgets. The department records all HACP business transactions and monitors HACP's financial activities, while producing approximately 50,000 checks per year for payroll, accounts payable and Housing Choice Voucher Program subsidy payments.

Human Resources

412 Boulevard of the Allies, 6th Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

The Human Resources Department is responsible for all employment related activities including benefits administration, hiring and separation activities, workers' compensation and safety programs, labor relations administration, internal training, employee file maintenance and policy implementation. The department serves HACP's administration and its departments, and provides services directly to employees.


412 Boulevard of the Allies, 5th Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

The Legal Department is responsible for representing HACP in a variety of administrative and civil litigation matters. The department's goal is to protect the interests of HACP and promote up front consultations to avoid litigation. Practice areas include tenant-landlord matters, construction contract compliance and administration, human resources and employment law issues, liability claims, statutory and regulatory compliance, real estate development, and a myriad of other fields.

Facility Services

201 Kirkpatrick Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

The Facilities Services Department conducts inspections, performs repairs, and ensures that HACP units are clean, mechanically safe, and ready for residents. This guarantees HACP homes meet our comprehensive standards of quality. The department maintains over 100 acres and 6,000 apartments in more than 20 sites throughout the City. This responsibility requires the department to be able to respond to any routine maintenance needs a resident might encounter.


412 Boulevard of the Allies, 5th Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

The Occupancy Department is the first point of contact for prospective tenants and is responsible for processing applications for both the Low-income Housing Program, and for the Housing Choice Voucher Program. The Occupancy staff assists applicants in understanding the different housing programs and the eligibility criteria for each. They also have administrative responsibility for collecting and evaluating housing applications to ensure compliance with government regulations and Housing Authority policies that govern our tenant selection process.

Resident Self-Sufficiency

2305 Bedford Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

The Resident Self-Sufficiency Department is responsible for providing supportive service coordination and case management programming for our residents. The RSS staff is responsible for identifying community needs and gaps in service delivery, as well as developing relationships that benefit the residents participating in our housing programs. The department also provides management to residents participating in both our conventional housing and Housing Choice Voucher program. A major goal of the department is to facilitate self-sufficiency among residents.

Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8)

412 Boulevard of the Allies, 5th Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

The Housing Choice Voucher Program (formerly known as Section 8) provides a rental subsidy to low-income individuals and families. Through the program, tenants may pay 30-40 percent of their net monthly income to a private landlord, with the remainder of the rent covered by HACP. The department has administrative responsibility for annual recertification of tenants and annual Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspections.


412 Boulevard of the Allies, 6th Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

The Procurement Department is responsible for the buying of goods and services for the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh in accordance with the regulations set forth by HUD. The department provides purchase-processing management; conducts outreach to vendors to help the Authority take advantage of savings opportunities; and, handles the negotiation and creation of Authority-wide contracts. The department also provides training and quality assurance for: procurement tools, contract management, central warehouse management, and invoice process management.

Public Safety

412 Boulevard of the Allies, 5th Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

The Public Safety Department's mission is to provide peaceful, safe and enjoyable communities for Low-Income Housing, Housing Choice Voucher Program properties and Scattered Sites residents. The Department is a multi-faceted entity that approaches the task of keeping Housing Authority property safe and secure from various angles. The Public Safety Department works closely with local law enforcement agencies. It assists in both the apprehension and prosecution of criminal offenders and takes independent actions when necessary against criminals who perpetrate crimes against the Housing Authority and its residents.

Disability Compliance

412 Boulevard of the Allies, 6th Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

The Disability Compliance Department ensures that HACP and its properties are accessible to persons with disabilities. The Department’s main focus is guaranteeing compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the various form of reasonable accommodation that the ADA mandates.

Property Managers

Allegheny Dwellings

1710 Belleau Drive

Pittsburgh, PA 15212


Arlington Heights

3123 Cordell Place, Rear

Pittsburgh, PA 15210


Bedford Dwellings

2305 Bedford Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15219


Glen Hazel

945 Roselle Court

Pittsburgh, PA 15207


Homewood North

10 Albertice Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15208


Northview Heights

533 Mt. Pleasant Rd, #1102

Pittsburgh, PA 15214


Caliguiri Plaza

803 E. Warrington Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15210


Carrick Regency

2129 Brownsville Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15210


Finello Pavilion

3206 Niagara Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Glen Hazel High Rise

945 Roselle Court

Pittsburgh, PA 15207


Gualtieri Manor

2125 Los Angeles Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15216


Mazza Pavilion

920 Brookline Boulevard

Pittsburgh, PA 15226


Morse Gardens

2416 Sarah Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15203


Murray Towers

2825 Murray Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15217


Northview Heights High Rise

533 Mt. Pleasant Rd

Pittsburgh, PA 15214


Pennsylvania Bidwell

1014 Sheffield Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15233


Pressley Street

601 Pressley Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15212


Skyline Terrace

385 Elmore St

Pittsburgh, PA 15219


Garfield Commons

242 Fern St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15224


TTY: 711

Bedford Hill

2129 Bedford Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15219


TTY: 711

Oak Hill

475 Garner Court

Pittsburgh, PA 15213


TTY: 711

New Pennley Place

5601 Penn Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15206


TTY: 711

Christopher A. Smith Terrace

2829 Bedford Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15219


TTY: 1-800-545-1833

TTY: 646

The Commons at North Aiken

5330 North Aiken Court

Pittsburgh, PA 15224


Silver Lake Commons

6935 Frankstown Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15208


TTY: 1-800-654-5984

TTY: 711

Fairmont Apartments

5461 Penn Ave at Fairmont Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15206


TTY: 1-800-654-5984

TTY: 711

The Legacy Apartments

2121 Centre Ave

Pittsburgh, PA 15219


TTY: 711

Sandstone Quarry

1660 Sandusky Court

Pittsburgh, PA 15212


Manchester Commons

Multiple addresses in Manchester Community

Pittsburgh, PA 15233

412-456-5000, Ext. 1411 OR Ext. 1412

Cornerstone Village

185 Larimer Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15206


Cedarwood Homes

1862 Broadhead Fording Road

Pittsburgh PA 15205