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Construction Training (Trade Institute of Pittsburgh)

October 6, 2017

Looking for a free opportunity in training in masonry:


Stability, Humility, and Accountability

  • Stressing the importance and benefits of taking responsibility for your words & actions
  • Demonstrate the respect and accountability you wish to receive in the world
  • Develop skills for time management, task prioritization, handling constructive feedback, dealing with conflict, and setting expectations


Hands on Skill Building

  • Individual and Small Group instruction from general laboring to brick and block masonry
  • Learning how to lead and follow on standard project work
  • Frequent testing and demonstrations showcasing fundamentals and self-directed projects that can be translated to livable wage jobs


Job placement in a Livable Wage

  • Strength finding to help students understand the unique and valuable contributions they can make in any environment (personal & professional)
  • Minimum job requirements assessed (skills, transportation, etc.) and collaboratively solved with student in the lead position
  • Interview preparation and assisted job placement
  • Wages starting at $15+